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Capturing love in words…

While wandering in the depths of the internet, I happened to come upon this piece of writing. This short paper captures many truths about love. Love is boundless, and not many can capture its essence with words. But if there was an attempt that even has the chance to describe what love is for me, then this paper is it. Thank you for writing it.



Why I’m Leaving Thought Catalog

Very well said. I find it harder to find thoughts that leave me breathless and enlightened. Stumbling over articles and looking for the gems has become very time consuming. Sometimes, visiting the website leaves me with a sadness that associates itself with being unmotivated to read.

Thought Catalog

Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 2.01.35 AM

This is the last time typing “” into my browser window, and I’d like to tell you why. I wouldn’t feel compelled to write about this topic unless I cared about the content and future of this website.

In truth, I’d be extremely surprised to see the article published, since it may seem counterintuitive for TC to present the readers with material that challenges the premise of the website. However, should you have the opportunity to read this, I hope some of my points can help start a productive discussion about what Thought Catalog has become, where it should be going, and how you can meaningfully contribute.

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I first started reading Thought Catalog about two years ago, after a particularly brainy and intellectually-curious friend of mine pointed me to a few articles. I remember being so excited at an opportunity to wade through all the clutter and…

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Root Canal Danagers

I never came across this issue, trusting that dentists knew what they were doing when they recommended procedures. After reading the article, I believe that the root canal is a safe procedure when you are in good health.


I came across a  very scary article about a health danger which I have not been aware at all – “How a root canal can affect your health?” Being someone who has been to more than a few dentist appointments and had a few root canal treatments, I find this very worrying. Up until now nobody has warned me of root canal danger and I never thought twice about it.

Now, I feel like I’m walking around with a ticking bomb inside my mouth! The worst thing is that dangers of root canal treatment have been known for more than 100 years, but it has not stopped the dentists to preform millions of those procedures all over the world. As I have researched deeper, here are the things I have learnt and now that I thought about it, it makes total sense.

For those who are wondering what is root canal treatment…

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Are You a Tea Drinker? Your Dentist Will Thank You!

This is interesting! I thought tea stains your teeth, but I guess that’s a very small price to pay for such health benefits, especially when stains can be removed with prophylaxis and hydrogen peroxide.


Hello Friends!

We came across a great article by Dr. Gary Vance from the “ahealthiermichigan” website. Hope you enjoy the following information.
The health benefits of an afternoon cup of tea have been well-documented. For example, a simple mug of green tea can improve heart health, boost your immune system and protect your body against cancer thanks to its high levels of antioxidants. But what you may not realize is that drinking tea can also benefit your teeth and gums. Here are just a few ways steeping some tea for a warm drink can improve your next dental visit:
•Reduces gum inflammation: Researchers have found that people who regularly drink green and black tea have healthier gums than those who don’t. They believe that the anti-inflammatory effects of the tea improve the harmful bacteria levels in the mouth.
•Strengthens teeth: Studies have shown that people who drink green…

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Edmund shared this article with me. Though we have yet to finish reading it, what we have read thus far has inspired us to learn all we can and do our best in every opportunity we have the fortune to come across

Paper Work

An envelope was waiting behind my time card today when I walked towards the time stamp to clock in for work this morning. A smile lit up my face as raced to the lunch room to put my belongings in a cubby hole, admiring how it was addressed to me as I ran down the hall. After dropping my backpack and purse in my space, I sat down and proceeded to open the envelope. Carefully sliding my index finger under the flap, I smoothly slit the envelope and took out the piece of paper inside.

It was no ordinary piece of paper. It was my first paycheck in the last four years.

As usual, hard work and effort are usually recorded or remembered through an accomplishment, usually on a paper award or a trophy. Take college for example: like any educational degree, my four years of work resulted in a diploma, a fancy piece of sturdier-than-normal paper and signed by very important people who are responsible for maintaining the prestige of my school to prove that I have completed the requirements of my major. As sad as it sounds, I earned a meaningful piece of paper after four years of college. YAY. FOUR YEARS OF HARD WORK AND STRESS GAVE ME ONE PIECE OF PAPER. HOW JOYFUL!

It’s ok. At least I get something to show for my achievement. This piece of paper is supposed to be more valuable than all the textbooks I’ve bought over the course of four years, the sweat and tears poured into studying for all-important tests and practicals, the friends I’ve made, the experiences I’ve had… Well, the paper is what I want it to represent, and for others to see that I’m an educated person looking to find a place in the world.

And today I’ve found proof that I belong in a small place in the world. I am a part time dental assistant and front desk secretary, and my paycheck shows that I have a place in this small private clinic. The piece of paper found in the envelope is evidence that my existence was recognized and rewarded. However, such a recognition does not continue without hard work and genuine effort. I will continue to learn to better myself in my work and continue to earn this recognition in the form of a piece of paper.

Needs, Wants, Desires.

He needs space.
Medical school requires his undivided attention.
Study groups and self-study sessions count down to his next exam.
There is no room for failure.
There is no room for me.

He needs company.
Eating and studying alone distract his focus from medical school.
A few great friends keep him from jumping into a brink of insanity.
There is no room for more.
There is no room for me.

He needs mental stimulation.
Two minds are better than one.
A third makes things interesting.
There is no need for an empty brain.
There is no need for me.

He wants someone to be there for him.
To be a pillow that catches him when he falls.
To follow him with unwavering loyalty.
There is no need for a wanderer.
There is no need for me.

And here I am.
I want to be with him.
But with my desires and hopes…
Is there a need for me?

But it doesn’t have to be by his side.

Love Changes Everything

Thought Catalog


Right now I’m at a coffee shop and there’a man sitting next to me wearing a cutoff shirt whose armpits smell like a bog full of dead elk. He’s not homeless and judging by the iPad, MacBook, and iPhone he’s not living in a sewer either. It’s so bad I can hardly open my eyes and every time I take a drink, I taste that rancid smell in my mouth. Everyone around us clearly smells it and we’ve all done that thing where you look at each other, raise a single eyebrow, then nod in silent agreement that we are both experiencing hell right now.

Obviously I’m not going to tell him about it, right? But why?

Why do most of us find it more acceptable to try and get away from the issue instead of confronting it? This guy is going to walk around for the rest of the…

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Progress to Getting Fit Again!

My wubbles keeps me on my feet. Literally. 
When we video chat, he asks me to do 200 lunges and 200 squats so he can watch to ensure quality exercise. Having him watch puts pressure on me to do my best of my best efforts, making me work much harder to do them correctly and quickly to impress him. I love him very much, and this is one of the many little things he does to help me be a better person. I feel wonderful with every day I finish my lunges and squats. If you’re reading this (you know who you are), I want to thank you for making time to ensure my progression to being fit. Thank you, love!  

DAT studying

I’ve been trying to consistently study for the DAT for sometime and it certainly is a challenge. Although I am studying every now and then, it’s difficult to set a block of time for studying when I find something else I want to do. I want to talk to my lover, read books that I’ll actually read, and learn something new. I want to spend time with my family and friends, tame my parrots, and exercise! But most of all, I just want to be tied down to something I love.

And that’s where my problem lies. I don’t know what I would love to do for the rest of my life. I’ve given a lot of thought to what I could do, and whether I would love it 10 years later, and whether it would be a flexible job for my kids and so forth… But truth be told, I’m still a young inexperienced adult. There are a ton of things to learn, especially about life as an adult and the independence and responsibilities that come with it. As far as I’m concerned, I just want to figure out what I like so I can find some order in my life.

This takes me back to my grade school days, where classes were strictly scheduled one hour per subject a day during school hours. After school, there were also set hours for sports activities and homework. Some people would say that this is such a packed schedule and that it was insane to force this onto students everyday, but kids, if they attended public school, were forced to do this everyday since they were born. It’s become second nature to us that we have to be at a certain place at a certain time, otherwise there would be punishments. For me, I have lost this need to find my place. It’s probably why I feel lost all the time. I don’t feel any sense of accomplishment, or any sense of urgency to do something and get it done.

Actually, I take that back. I do feel a sense of urgency, but not a sense of accomplishment because I know I have a path to walk, but I have not seriously taken enough steps to get started, which makes me feel like I’m never getting started. I need to walk on the dental path, and it’s a long ways to get to the end. The length of the journey to dentistry intimidates me, but I don’t show it. In fact, I tell everyone I’m on the path, but I was not able to take the next few steps for my lack of commitment.

I need to start taking things more seriously. I need to grow up and do things that I know that I don’t like doing, or don’t think I’m good at and get better at it. I need to figure out that life will not take me places if I don’t start walking on my own.

Well, back to DAT studying.