Why I’m Leaving Thought Catalog

Very well said. I find it harder to find thoughts that leave me breathless and enlightened. Stumbling over articles and looking for the gems has become very time consuming. Sometimes, visiting the website leaves me with a sadness that associates itself with being unmotivated to read.

Thought Catalog

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This is the last time typing “thoughtcatalog.com” into my browser window, and I’d like to tell you why. I wouldn’t feel compelled to write about this topic unless I cared about the content and future of this website.

In truth, I’d be extremely surprised to see the article published, since it may seem counterintuitive for TC to present the readers with material that challenges the premise of the website. However, should you have the opportunity to read this, I hope some of my points can help start a productive discussion about what Thought Catalog has become, where it should be going, and how you can meaningfully contribute.

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I first started reading Thought Catalog about two years ago, after a particularly brainy and intellectually-curious friend of mine pointed me to a few articles. I remember being so excited at an opportunity to wade through all the clutter and…

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