An Open Letter From Your Virginity

by lilhoppinpenguin

Personifying one’s virginity as a friend was very heart-wrenching and sorrowful. I really hope people don’t just lose their virginities, but give it away to a good person.

Thought Catalog

I was there first. I was always part of you. Even when you weren’t aware of it, I was timidly part of you. You spent all of your childhood and the beginning of your adolescence without ever thinking about me. But I was there through it all. I lived with you for your most guiltless years. Through the gawkiness of your adolescence; there I was, the biggest proof of your innocence.

You were in charge; you could destroy me in a heartbeat. All it would take was for you to go home with one of the many boys who looked at your body like it was the 8th wonder of the world. And although you could end my life any time you wanted to, you chose not to.

You were in charge, but I affected most of your decisions, didn’t I? I was the reason your first boyfriend broke up…

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