Solar Panel Farms Are Burning Birds Alive Midair

by lilhoppinpenguin

This is terrible! We shouldn’t advance our society at the cost of lives! Birds are very important to our food chain, and without them there will be an unbalance in natural order. We need to think about our actions and the problems they cause for others, especially animals.

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So not only is California currently fighting its way through a record drought that covers 99.8% of the state but the AP is reporting that state Wildlife Investigators say a futuristic solar plant, developed by Brightsource Energy, NRG Solar, and Google in the Mojave Desert is igniting birds in mid-air at a rate of 1 every two minutes (131,487 a year at that rate). Observers have even taken to calling these birds who catch fire and fall to the ground with smoke trailing behind them, “streamers.” Officials are urging California to do a serious study of the technology’s environmental impact.

But first, how does this solar plant even work? How is sunlight being so concentrated that it’s creating a magnifying glass meets ant effect?

More than 300,000 mirrors, each the size of a garage door, reflect solar rays onto three boiler towers each looming up to 40…

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