He remembered.

by lilhoppinpenguin

He woke me up in the morning with a phone call. It was seven o’clock here, so I assumed he had just finished an early tennis session as I scrambled to pick up my phone before the ring went silent. While expecting a call about his tennis endeavors, I was thoroughly surprised to hear words I thought I would never hear in such a short time.

“Good morning, Torichee! Happy one year and a half anniversary!”

We had just broken up when he left for Florida. His medical school adventures and his family took time away from us. There would be missed calls, and unanswered texts on both of our phones. And when we finally picked them up, sometimes we were too tired to recollect our tiresome and eventful stories of the day. Our knowledge of each others lives dwindled and when we tried our best to turn our text msssages into short updates, our feelings were still there but not the same. Texts were short, and even when we tried to speak everyday, the intimacy was not present. We missed each other.

But today was a different day. He acknowledged his feelings for me, and I, too, told him mine. But I couldn’t tell him how my stomach felt the flutters of the butterflies in my stomach. Or how a smile instantly grew on my face. Or even how my eyes lit up as I heard his words, or how I felt awake and alert, hanging onto every word he said in hopes that we could still be together so far apart. In hope I was still his. No, I couldn’t say all of this.

But I think he heard it. As a lover would instinctively know his lover’s face and expressions, I think he knew the effect of his words on me. That little moment of happiness for the both of us. He remembered.